10 Things Students Can Learn From David Goggins.


David Goggins was rejected twice after failing a millitary test before he was accepted, but was still diagnosed for having sickle cells trait and got removed from the training after a long period of work.


One of the common traits of majority in every society is rigidity. It is mostly a difficult task for majority to change attitude, job, orientation and a level of aspiration. Once they are configured to act in a certain way, they would remain like that until they enter the grave even if the situation is not favourable.


“If you want to master the mind and remove your governor, you will have to become addicted to hard work, Because passion and obsession, even talent are only useful tools if you have the work ethics to back them up”……. David Goggins.

4)Desired goals.

When David was advised to start from the beginning after he had been removed from the military training, he refused to take the advice, not because he wanted to quit but because he believed in his goals and strategy to take a different route.

5)Knowledge acquisition.

David Goggins received educations at various stages during and after his military career. He was committed to learning and this shows in every of his achievement.


The beginning of knowledge is when you put what you learned into practise. Practice makes perfect. David is one of the most practical ever surfaced on earth.


Just like Goggins, success is what comes if you are not ready to give up no matter how tough the journey is.

8)Seeking good environment.

David Goggins was maltreated and abused by his father almost every day. He had to find a way to move out from him. He never allowed this to deter him from pursing his goals.


The rate in which exercise boosts energy and nourishes the body is enormous. He utilized this opportunity to invigorate brain for achievement in every angle.

10)Commit to writing.

David Goggins didn’t turn a good writer or a author overnight. He has been a memoir writer before he broke into the limelight.



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