How Effective People Set Goal.

3 min readMay 1, 2022

We have documented many posts about goal setting on this platform. This is a very important topic that needs your proper attention.

Goal setting is a art with inbuilt of science. Effective setting of it and total smashing will activate for you any level of achievement.

Knowing what you want is the beginning of setting an effective goal. If you don’t know what you want, nothing can be done to achieve it.

Goal setting only becomes useful after a direction to take has been picked. The goal helps you focus on your target and keeps you moving until you achieve your aim.

Being able to set an effective goal demands you start to from where you are.

Recognize your level, then you begin to make a plan for progress in accordance to your level of capability.

All of us can jug a marathon slow and steady for a stretched period of time. Of course, there are some experts that can do such running within few minutes. But, a beginner could find it difficult to accomplish that within that short period.

The golden rule here is to take a step at a time. Start small and grow from there.

The next thing is to start planning on a paper. Write your goal down, view it morning and evening, do activity management and do modification where necessary.

Effective people set goal for every part of their life. In fact, they have timetable for their food.

Your time is fully used correctly if you put it under the scope of goal. Needless to say, the goal becomes very effective when it is put into a written plan.

Writing your goal down makes it become highly magnetic. Your goal attracts its equivalent, which will help you achieve your aim.

Importantly, take action on your goals. This is the beginning of all. The more you take action on the goals, the better you understand how to set it.

Your goal must be s.m.a.r.t. This means it needs to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Realistic.

1) A specific goal has higher chances of accomplishment. Your brain remembers it easily and this quickens your action.

2)A measurable goal is the one with numbers. You can see it in the figure, and this makes you understand how and where to stop.

3)Attainability is important. There is no point in setting a goal that is not achievable. As aforementioned, knowing your level will make you understand the right place to start. Setting a goal beyond your initial level of capability makes it difficult to achieve.

4)Setting a realistic goal is as important as other factors. Don’t say you want to travel to the moon when living in Afghanistan. This is a place where war has been part of their daily lives. If you live here, your goal should be entirely different from that, at least, at the moment.

Start from where you are, focus on your goal, and commit to its achievement.

I will meet you at the top, where eagles don’t collide.

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