How To Develop a Tough Mindset.

2 min readMay 13, 2022


A man is revealed to himself through adversities.

Until you are challenged, you wouldn’t know your true capability. However, hardship is the most effective factor that develops human mind.

Nobody likes problem. But, without it, your growth is not guaranteed. The more you face challenges and tackle it, the more your mind is sharpened.

No one attains everlasting success without been tested with hardship. The mind remains dormant if it fails to seek for problem to solve.

One of the most effective ways to develop a tough mindset is to seek out for problems you can solve before they surface by themselves.

Don’t wait for poverty to settle into your life before seeking out money making opportunity.

A lot of people wait for financial issue to strike and start running around for rescue with unsharpened mind and unskilled brain.

The rich don’t wait until they have a financial issue before taking control of their finances and seeking other ways of making more money.

Don’t wait for examination period before start reading comprehensively. You don’t pass examination in the exam hall, examination is being passed before the exam period.

Your mind gets sharpened when you give it serious tasks to handle and take action even before a problem surfaces.

Your mind functions better if you regularly put it into rigorous work, without waiting for the time it is pressurized due to neediness of urgent action.

Set a goal to be attained at some specific periods. It could be in the area of finances, health, dream, academics, and other useful aspects of your life.

Your seriousness to take action is important. As a student, setting aside books to read and practical to do even before examination period will go along way in preparing your mind to be tough.

An extra work you give yourself at work expands your mind and separates you from the crowd.

Be the first to accept more tasks. Go ahead and design a project to be executed. The more you face problems, the stronger your mind becomes.

Mind only expands with more learning and taking action. No matter your level of reading and information gathering, the ability to take action is very important.

The rate in which your mind expands with reading is phenomenal. But, finding ways to put that into a practical project will strengthen your mind for productivity and progress.

After that, you need to build a sound body through good diet. Sound mind is only possible in a sound body.

Eat what is good and get the body well exercised. You need both to support your mind for maximum performance.




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