How To Make Yourself More Lucky.

3 min readMay 13, 2022

The word ‘Luck’ is a noun that can also be interpreted to be an acronym, such as:

L: labor




Those at the top are there after years of laboring under correct knowledge.

I have not in my life met a successful person that got to that pinnacle without working for the success tirelessly before arriving in that stage.

No man has ever been there without paying a huge price for that achievement. This is universal law. And, i don’t think this will change as long as the world keeps existing.

No one has ever been on the success land on pure luck. Of course, people could be favored at some points within the journey.

In spite of this, the favor only supports and augments your deserving of the success.

Would you tell me that, your ability to read this article comes out of luck? Haven’t you labored for years in the classroom to achieve this?

The only time when luck flows into you abundantly is after many years of doggedness and hard work.

Luck comes, but it is after you have paid a price in full. Read this previous sentence over and over again to burnt it into your subconscious mind.

The mentality of expecting God’s favor someday while working your life with low effort will always get you disappointed.

This thinking pattern has made a lot of people go to their grave with their music still in them!

Without doubt, God answers prayer, but not without your serious contribution.

If God gives favor to his creatures without work, it would have been the prophets of the past.

Imaging such unfathomable efforts from Jesus Christ. He worked and preached the gospel to the point of death, despite knowing he would be betrayed and landed on the cross.

Are you familiar with the story of Moses as he continued to look for a way out of the wilderness despite spending over 40 years been lost?

He tackled Pharaoh with all his strength to the extent of making his followers doubted if he was sent by God at all.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) took on many severe battles to protect his people and suffered to the extent of been doubted by his disciples and wondered if he was sent by God at all.

God eventually came to their rescue after years of their candid efforts. God tested them with long-term of failure regardless of their level of piety and immeasurable efforts.

Michael Jackson turned to be the most popular musician ever lived after decades of deadly practice and branding.

He became constantly lucky after he had done what an ordinary musician wouldn’t think of doing.

You become lucky after you have labored under correct knowledge for an extended period of time.

Luck overflows in your life when you have known the right things to be done and do it regardless of your current situation or how you feel.




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