How To Stay Happy In a Distracted World.

3 min readMay 13, 2022


Happiness is not determined by external factors. Your inner environment should be allowed to equip you with emotion of happiness.

Expecting outsiders or another person to be your source of happiness will get you disappointed.

Of course, being around good people influences your state of mind and can improve your overall well-being.

Moreover, the same good people could turn out to be negatives unexpectedly. But, knowing how to reframe painful experiences and decide to stay happy will help you in this kind of situation.

Higher percentage of external factors are not rigid. They change from time to time, including human being.

A happy event could turn to a source of sadness within a few hours. If you don’t know how to guide your mind and stimulate it consciously for happiness, it may be difficult to find peace in this distracted world.

Clear and correct documentation has shown various rich persons that committed suicide. What could be the cause of this despite their level of riches?

Money brings convinency and supports situations that cause happiness. Inspite of this, money ceases to bring the required happiness after a while. People get tired of money naturally when it gets to a certain level.

Happiness is better derived from within. Getting to this level is not easy, but it is possible.

When you change your thinking, your diet and negative social cycle, the improvement will be signalled to you by your improved level of peace.

Similarly, being charitable always produce enthusiasm and increases your level of confidence.

Mother Theresa would tell you how happy she used to feel almost every moment of her life. She was discovered to be one of the happiest people ever lived.

She discovered her inexhaustible pot of happiness by helping the less-privileged every day. Finding ways to help others genuinely will impact your overall well-being.

Do this with a purpose in mind. Work purposefully while helping others solve their problems in the midst of it.

If you are purpose driven, any task you engage will bring inflow of happiness as you take it to the point of completion.

Let your work and action be humanitarian in nature. Help people solve problem through your work or learn them a helping hand.

This principle is emphasized in almost every religion. Loving others genuinely and caring for them sets the foundation for every good religion.

Those that practice Buddhism in Australia are found to be among the happiest people on earth.

Buddhism is a religion that teaches against anger, ignorance and attachment. These three areas are said to be the cause of pain and sorrow.

Please, learn in those three areas comprehensively. Wikipedia will give you clear pictures of them, and you can also search for a Buddhism YouTube channel that treats the topics extensively.

One of the books of Joyce Meyer, Battle Field Of The Mind also explained how our mind works and how to attain happiness.

We are really in a distracted world where the mind is pulled from different emotional angles.

Following the methods mentioned above will support your craving for developing peaceful mind.

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