Is School Really a Scam?

3 min readMay 13, 2022


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There are unconcluded debates on either school is a scam or not by different schools of thought.

There are sets of people that gave many instances to back up their claims concerning the inability of school to cover total education. While they pinpointed some undeniable and useful aspects of formal education, they did not fail to show clear evidences and how formal education fail to equip students the abilities needed to function fully in the society.

They claim that formal education has a rigid structure and fails to ascertain each student and bring out their passion or natural potential. Similarly, they said that, traditional school structure doesn’t in any way impact the student the ability to make, manage and grow money.

Undoubtedly, money is an important part of life. An educational structure that teaches a student for almost 15 years straight should endeavor to include a standardized formula on how money can be made even without taking a job.

Although, commercial student in the high school and students of business administration in the universities are taught a nothing-to-write-home-about theories on how business is structured and operated.

They were taught theories with little or without practical.

Western education feeds the industrial environment via the labor market. By the time the labor market becomes overfilled by the labour, this results in unemployment and jobseekers are rendered useless.

Unfortunately, the so-called educated ones have not been trained on how to build a life for themselves without been hired in the abour market.

Unemployment is one among other factors that make some people to see school as a scam. Traditional school has given students a perception that makes them only think about getting jobs after graduating, and the jobs are not made to be surplus.

In spite of this, a different school of thought gave contrary claims that school environment builds human capital and also builds mental structure that allows the educated persons to perform better than the uneducated ones in life generally.

Academics environment is found to be one of the most important inventions in the modern age. It builds a human that would be capable to explore his environment and build something big out of the little.

The truth is, when talking about hiring someone to manage a larger corporation with extensions in different regions, no one will dare go for someone with little or no sound academic background.

Our modernized world is built in collaboration with people that have adequate and sound academic background.

If we go back to history, during the time of Pythagoras, Socrates, and Aristotle. Those are examples of the people that showed clear evidence of what traditional classrooms are capable to build.

Of course, evolution of education has produced other dimensions of learning that can help human in building potential like personal development, digital skills, emotional intelligence and some other ones.

However, any other form of learning must have it’s root based on formal education in order to bring out good and everlasting result.

You don’t become a good digital marketer without been trained on how to read and write words correctly from traditional classrooms of high school.

A world without qualified doctors would be in a mess.

Don’t singularize the purpose of formal education on money making alone. With critical observation, you would discover that Westernisation, modernization, science and technology can never stand alone without critical contribution of formal education.

Seeking for education beyond traditional classroom should be among your plan. This is how you follow the trend of the evolved education.




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