Success Is Decided by 80% Of Mindset And 20% of Skill.

3 min readMay 13, 2022


If you deprive yourself of adequate reading and gathering of information, your mind and your life will see the consequence of that.

A mind that is not fed with good information will automatically feed itself with weeds.

Our mind needs good information, just the way our stomach requires good food.

It is through books, seminars, mentorship and coaching a mind is impacted and liberated to function positively.

The main aim of education is to impact the mind and the brain. Thorough and adequate education received from various angles helps you develop strong mind and sharpenes the brain.

Your mind needs to think and believe about a certain success before any of it is attained. If you don’t believe you can do it, nothing else is useful as a provision for achievement in that direction.

You must be convinced from within that you can be a qualified doctor before your mind allows the skills to be impressed and expressed.

Your belief about anything determines your action towards it. You must be certain about an end in your mind before its attainment becomes possible.

“You don’t believe what you see, you see what you believe”. A good mindset comes first, then a good skill sets follows.

In fact, the ability to develop a sound skill needs to be backed up by a positive mindset.

It is always challenging when a trainee is on the journey of learning a topnotch skill. Surely, negative circumstances will surface and most of them would only like to subdue you or hold you back.

You need an extremely positive mindset to fuel your energy in order to keep on moving despite the obstacles.

Being well skilled will be useful and quickens your success. But still, a good mindset will always be needed at any level in the process.

Human beings think before they act. Whatever you think is what you act.

No matter how well skilled you are, your state of mind will always impact your action at the moment. If your mind is chaotic, the works of your hands can never be holy.

This could be a reason a pilot is always well educationally equipped and cared for at a different stage of their career. A slightest mistake on the plane from the pilot’s mind or brain could lead to unrecoverable disaster.

Success is 80% mindset and 20% skills.

Haven’t you ever seen a well-skilled doctor or a barber that is still earning a peanut despite his topnotch skill?

If your financial temperature is low, it will reflect in how you position yourself for opportunity and how you charge your customers.

Your financial temperature is still talking about your state of mind.

You need to turn to your inside world and do something about it. It is after then your skill and all other things will bring high result.

Take courses in the area of emotional intelligence. Study this to augment your effectiveness in thinking.

When you become more intelligent emotionally, you will be able to more action intelligently.

If you are willing to learn more about emotional intelligence, check one or more of the categories below.

Read them by noting down important information. Your freedom could begin from here.




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