The Secret To Be a Top 1%

2 min readMay 13, 2022

One important thing I discovered over a period of years is this, those at the top of any industry were once ordinary persons like you. Many of them were not born with extraordinary genes.

In fact, majority of them were reared from the lower and middle class. Among them are those that dropped out of the colleges and still maintained to be at the of their industry.

Been educated is an added advantage that helps you navigate your environment for improvement and better results.

Take your time and study the giants like, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Triump, Oprah Wifrey and other ones in their category. You would see that these people share similar trait and use almost the same principles.

Oprah Winfrey usually emphasize the act of striving for excellence in whatever you find yourself doing.


Anything contrary puts you below the ladder. The attitudes of striving for excellence in your work, education, relationship and every other important engagements position you for greater height in them.

Striving for excellence is a learnable attitude. Nobody was born a perfect human, excellence is achieved by taking a certain step in a certain way at a different point in time.

Excellence is a journey that starts one day at a point, and keeps extending at various stages until it scores itself a distinction.

That is what a lot of people fail to understand. Everybody can become excellent in whatever they choose to do if they understand the power embedded in doing things gradually and taking progressive steps little by little.

Albert Eestein explained the power of compounding effort. The previous effort strengthens your next effort with chances for multiplication, and will bring corresponding result.

Your focus should be on asking a question such as, “How am i going to do this thing very well and better than others”?

That question propel your mind to seek for ways of functioning in order to deliver better result. The more you can do something better than others, the gradual you move from the ladder to joint the top 1%.

No other route to exceptional achievement than unrelenting effort in doing things better while striving for improvement always.

Don’t just work, work to improve.

Don’t just study, study to be better than yesterday.

Don’t go into another relationship without knowing what to do to function better than the previous one.

“ Your life only gets better, when you get better “….Jim Rohn.

Top 1% are people that embrace a never-ending improvement. Facebook never ceases to add better features to their social media platform despite their level of momentum.

Learn how to do things better no matter how effective you are already. This is a sure way to find yourself among the top 1% some day.




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