The Secret To Manifesting Your Dream Life.

4 min readMay 13, 2022

Manifestation is a broad topic which different coaches and authors did a lot of teachings and variety of discoveries on.

Manifestation means different things to different coaches. To some of them, manifestation can only be attained through visualization and consistent action. At the same time, other coaches believe that manifestation of a dream can only happen by creating a good environment and clearing your thought from negative sensation by deliberately stimulate your mental nouron for positive change.

No matter the type of teacher you choose to believe in this regard, a congruent action will always be required in order to manifest your life dream.

Some manifestation teachers say, it is not hard work that leads to achievement of a certain dream as long as one can consciously tune his vibration positively.

These teachers went as far as inventing a recorded sound you can listen to. The scientific sound would probably reprogram your neurons for better performance and allows you to attract favorable circumstances.

This claim sounds good, and it brings results to a certain level. But, the fact remains the same: you will always need to put in the right efforts before anything is achieved.

Rhonda Byrne is a popular author that wrote a well detailed explanation on how success is achieved through law of attraction. Her popular book, The Secret, is a documentation of how law of attraction works in manifesting your dream life.

She said, “I used the secret to create the secret”. Meaning, she used manifestation through visualization to attract all the needed materials like the high-profile coaches she used in her book, The Secret.

But, another fact is, when one takes time to observe the longer period of time, efforts and resources taken to create the book, you would see that serious hard work was involved.

The secret to manifesting your dream is through hard work. Nothing else will make your dream work if you fail to involve hardwork.

Hard work only becomes easy work when you havemastered the work for a very long time.

You must work hard, at least, from the beginning.

Making a dream comes true requires a lot of efforts and materials. Changing your environment is one of them, and this quickens your result.

Wrong environment kills dream faster, just the way Covid-19 kills humans. Seeking a favorable environment for manifestation of your dream life is of uttermost important.

If you can find a conducive environment for your dream, the manifestation of it is almost guaranteed.

Most people rarely comprehend what it means to change environment. This is a broader topic, though, but it is good to give some hints here.

1) Your residence.

If you live with people of low aspiration, to achieve your dream becomes difficult. No one can choose the type of parents, siblings and a neighborhood to be born into.

If this structure is not favorable, it is a big problem to tackle. Your power in this situation is awareness.

If you fail to be aware that your nuclear family and your neighborhood are not feeding you with progressive and sophisticated information, you are already in jail. Your lack of awareness will make you go back home and still mingle with them even after your tertiary education.

Of course, you don’t run away from them, but you need a sensible gab that will allow you to breathe in new and progressive oxygen. Don’t go back home and live with them fully after your graduation. Plan new accommodation for yourself no matter how small and visit the family occasionally.

If your home is balanced and fuels you with the right information and aspiration, you are lucky. Stay with them for as long as possible.

2)Social cycle.

If you make yourself fall into a wrong social cycle, your dream is gone. Don’t bother yourself thinking about it any more(O ti fi owo ara re se ara re: a Yoruba adage).

3)Occupation type.

This determines the volume, the period, the leverage and the longevity of your income. Your financial environment is just like a location, you can only find in that place a type of growth it is capable to accommodate.

You can’t find a skyscraper in a slum. You won’t be able to make more than $100 doing a certain work no matter how hard you try within a stipulated period of time.

Seek for elastic income, an income with capability to grow from one level to the other as you grow in effort.

4)Mental environment.

If your brain is not up-to-date, who would you have to blame for that? You are responsible for building a library that fuels your mental energy regularly. The majority of students don’t seriously read their books until examination approaches.

Imaging such senseless attitude!

Your physical life can’t be better than your mental environment. That is just the fact.




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