Top 10 Books Every College Students Must Read.

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Readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Reading is unremovable aspect of learning. Almost all form of education entails reading, no matter how practical they are.

Reading is consciously and subconsciously done. People read much information every day without intending to do so.

You read billboard, cream label, chat messages, cloth design, and many more. These things call for your attention and get you read their information without your intentionality.

But, the type of reading that will do you a lot of good is the one you consciously organise and read.

Your textbooks, handouts and other useful books are well-organised, and they will impact your brain greatly.

Academic books are integrated for better result than some other learning materials. The more you consume academical learning, the better your neurological pattern forms and functions.

Reason being that, academic tools are mostly made through rigorous formulation of hypothesis and empiricism.

Of course, there are other nonacademic courses and books that have tested practical experiment. But, academics remains the best starting points for any other form of knowledge.

In-depth exploration of schooling will impact how proper you do every other things even after school.

This is one of the reasons larger corporations always prefer to employ a high-graded graduate than the lower-graded ones.

Additionally, a student that goes an extra mile by getting himself some useful books outside his normal school course will definitely know better and will be valued higher than the other students.

As a student, there are some sets of book out there you can make use of depending on your goals for the future.

As a matter of fact, these 10 books mentioned below should be added to your library.

1) Hunger: a memoir of my body by Roxane gay.

This book clearly shows you the implication of conforming to the wrong idea of the society’s beauty standard.

It will call your brain back to the decent dressing been lost in the name of civilization. Higher institution is the place where 80% of wrong pattern of dressing is blended and exercised.

2)The alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

You would like to read this book over and over again due to its level of mental reprogramming and thought stimulating words. In the book, you will have the opportunity to learn the meaning of following your heart and what it means to do so.

3)Poor dad Rich dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Through this book, your eyes will be opened to the opposite side of formal education. The reason for high level of unemployment and the consequence of industrial evolution are detailed in the book.

Robert used simple and well understandable sentences to show you the reasons behind poverty and riches caused by choices made by you.

4)Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

This may end up to be the best book you would ever read in your entire life. This is going to change everything for you.

The writer did intensive practical experiment through decades of organizing and putting together the causes of success and failure.

5)One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Marquise.

This book will make you understand the connection between science and spirituality. The power of your mind will be clearly shown to you here.

You will learn importance, of friends and value of family as a student, and many more.

6)Psychology of selling by Brian Tracy.

This book will clarify the real meaning of selling for you. It will show you how everyone is into sales work every day and how to utilize this for building financial success regardless of your area of occupation.

7)Goal Setting by Brian Tracy.

This is a must-read kind of book. This book teaches you importance, and meaning of goal setting. It will show you how to set a goal for achievement of anything in life.

8)William Shakespeare.

Get various works of the writer. With these books, you will understand the construction and the importance of grammar.

Use of English is becoming more important in every society of the world. It is becoming the most codified language above any other languages.

This is, in fact, more Important in the Third World.

9)Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.

This book will get you thinking about importance, of culture and how to use Westernism with sensibility. Your originality is of importance, without the extremity it usually brings: the book tells you that.

This book is translated into more than 50 different languages around the world. It should be one of Africans sources of pride.

10)Wisdom and Eloquence by Little John.

This book breaks down the meaning, origination, organization and division of western education. It makes you clearly see the various parts of academics and how it is connected to other form of knowledge.

In this book, I got to learn that the most natural education is mathematics. Mathematical science is not created, but only discovered.

No matter what you learn in those books, your interpretation and perception are still largely depend on the template of your thinking pattern.

Your ability to understand and form progressive perception of whatever you read is important.

May God help you and I.




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