Two Things To Do To Make Today Better Than Yesterday.

3 min readMay 13, 2022


Yesterday is gone, but today is here. The opportunity to change your future is the work you should choose today.

The way you handle today’s work determines tomorrow’s result.

The truth is, nothing happened to yesterday. Your yesterday was good. It was one of the best moments in your life.

The reason you got little or no result from yesterday is caused by you. Yesterday was a good moment, but it is just that, you were not good at that moment.

Yesterday is a nonliving thing. It can’t breathe or exercise any control on you. You are the driver that took yesterday to your desire destination. Your call was its command.

To have different results today, you must change or modify the content of your mind and brain.

If you use the same thinking you used yesterday in the present moment, your result will still look like yesterday’s.

Use different thinking today. This is what will change your result.

Your environment is inside you. The earlier you understand this, the quicker your life can change.

Changing from what you have being to what you are willing to be requires much of work.

I won’t tell you it is easy to change, but the effort is worth it. A little step forward could build for you a momentum that may lead to extraordinary result.

“From a little spark might burst a mighty flame”.

Don’t be afraid to change, this is the only way you can make today better than yesterday.

Now, what exactly do you need to change today for assurance of a better future?

That is a very good question, but it is only best answered by you.

You know yourself and your situation than me. You would be in the best position to understand what you need to change for better.

Despite this, there are two suggestions that could be of useful to you.

1)Readiness to pay whatever it takes to change.

Redefining the moment for a good future demands tedious and challenging works. It won’t be easy, but it is possible.

You see, something good doesn’t come out of the blue. You don’t become the best student in your department doing what other students are doing. To achieve higher result, your effort must be higher too.

Price payment is a must. Unfortunately, this is what the majority shy away from. And, that is why they are achieving the same mediocre result over and over again.

Sit down and know exactly what you need to do to change today the betteretter. Remember, you don’t change in the future, you change today.

Whatever you change today will be refrence for what your future will look like. This is not a miracle but a mathematical precision.

2)Never give up.

When the going gets tough, It is easy to quit and blame it on somebody else or external circumstances. Hold and keep moving. Things will change.

Some bastard obstacles will attack you at various points in the journey. Some of them will become stubborn and hard to break. Hold on and keep moving. Things will change.

A man that never knew how to quit became a winner at the end. That is how it happens to any man that won’t go back, no matter the challenges.

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