Why Over 80% Of Graduates Reared From Poor Background End Up Living Below Poverty Line.

3 min readMay 13, 2022

Life is programmed.

The word “nature” is not itself natural in a real sense. Every living and nonliving things are somehow blended together from various parts.

The fact that a natural phenomenon can be assembled and disassembled make the work of a surgeon possible.

God makes the world in such a way that can make it to be programmed and reprogrammed, at least, to an extent.

Everything under the universe is a programming. Your emotion, belief system, thinking pattern, cultural belief, level of income, and many other things in your environment are programmed.

Our reality is only a program we have succumbed to overtime.

Tony Robins mentioned a tribe in one of his books where the people celebrate the death of their relatives instead of mourning. They believe the deceased has gone to a high lever in the other side of existence.

The funny thing is, if you happen to join the tribe and live with them for an extended period of time, you will gradually start adopting their thinking pattern and will eventually see death as something to celebrate instead of mourning.

Have you heard about Himba tribe of Namibia? Their men offer their wives to a visitor in order to have sex with them. They do this to welcome and entertain the visitor.

How horrible does that sounds?

But the fact is, you will soon be seeing this as a normal thing and may eventually adopt similar behavior if you live with them for a longer period of time.

The human brain is built to emulate whatever it is exposed to in his environment. This process is even faster for younger children.

Our brain captures, believes, stores and uses whatever information it is fed, either the information is wrong or right.

If you were born into poor background, you have certainly been trained with some attitudinal pattern and belief system that will impress your thinking to trigger some actions that will continue to make you poor. And, this is hard to change.

If you fail to shed your poor pattern of thinking, it is only a white collar job can lift you a little up from the bottom.

Attitudes that make you $200 a month won’t make you $1000 a month. Each pattern of thinking and attitude have destination they lead to.

A lot of less-privileges erroneously think they function the way the rich ones function. It appears in their statements that they have done what is needed to become financially free.

But, nothing can be far from the truth!

The thinking patterns of the rich and the poor are far opposite to each other. They are two things that don’t look like each other at all.

Fortunately, you can reprogram this thinking pattern and train your brain to function differently. This is not easy, but it is possible.

Formal education brings more light and liberates the mind, but doesn’t concisely show us how to develop a potential for riches.

This article is not capable to give you detail about how to become rich, but it is definitely giving you important hints on what you can do to start making changes before it is too late.

Observe your attitudes, seek for improvement and look for a rich mentor that can probably show you how things are done for better result.

Be coach-able and endure the difficulties. Be patient because things only change after a while.




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